Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello All.
I'm not very good at this blogging thing. I am way to busy right now. :-(
So I will tell you all what has been keeping me from the Facebook and Disney world.

First of all, it is the end of school. Finals and end of the year projects are going to be happening soon.
I started a new-ish job. I have been working the sound booth at Lake Williamson. I trained for it last year, but I never actually did it. Tuesday was my first day doing it by myself. It was for a ladies group. We all know how needy and picky ladies can be. They were an awesome group and everything went well!! I was not as nervous as I thought I would be.
Because I am in the hospitality program at school, we are required to work The Gala event. This event is a fundraiser for the school and lots of money will be there that night. It is next Saturday. So we've been training a lot. How to pour wine, how to formally serve food. It is a black tie event. We learned how to cook Bananas Foster. This was fun. Anyone familiar with this dish knows that you have to catch the pan on fire with rum. This was a little scary for me as I've never intentionally caught a pan on fire. When I did finally get it to catch, it burnt up to quickly. So i had to add more rum and try again. Therefore my dish tasted like rum. lol The waitresses and servers have to know how to cook this dish. It will be done in front of the guests. One of my biggest fears in life is spilling food on someone. So I requested to not be a waitress/server. I am not in any cooking classes. So I will be working in the dish room. I am OK with that..haha. As my teacher put it, "anyone that can fog a mirror, can work in a dish room."
Another thing that has been going on, is my boyfriend is nuts!! He wont/hasn't bought me any jewelry. But he did buy me a Nintendo DS so we can play the new Pokemon game together. Pokemon hearts gold/soul silver. We bought the DS's off of eBay and the games at game stop. The games come with a neat device called a Pokewalker. This is a pedometer type thing that you put a Pokemon in. It gives the Pokemon points and the option to catch other Pokemon. Its neat!
Tonight I am going to the Cardinals game in St Louis. The other day my old roomie text me and asked if I wanted to go. She said she would pay for me. Thats the only way I can go, I am super poor. We are heading out as soon as I get off work at 3pm. I usually work Friday nights at the theater, so it will be odd to be somewhere else. And it looks like it is going to rain. :(

So as you can see, Disney is on the back burner. But I have started the process of getting school credit for the internship. I only get 3 credit hours. And I'll have to pay for those credit hours as if I was enrolled in class. :( My teacher said me wants me to take Marketing You class while at Disney. This solves my dilemma as to what class to take. When I talk to a administrator or counselor about what I am doing for my internship, I get the impression that Disney is very respected at my school. This makes me feel even better about doing the College Program.

Well. I'd better not bore you anymore. Till next time...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Packing List

Im stealing this idea from someone else! Here is a link to my packing list.
This is who I stole this idea from~~

Hope it helps other people. Does anyone want to add anything to this list?
Many things I want to bring with me and some of these things, I'll buy when I get to Florida. And my roomies and I still haven't ironed out all the details on "who-brings-what". So I'm sure my list will change.

Happy Good Friday! Hope everyone will have a blessed Easter weekend.

That is all for now..till next time..