Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello All…
I’ve been super busy lately. The busy season has started at both jobs. Our first camp of the season is a special needs camp. It’s called Special Touch Getaway, it is handicapped citizens and many times, this is the only time they get out of their home. Many live in group homes. There are people who need very little help to others who are fully dependent on others. They are awesome people, and they are so happy to be here. They are thankful for everything!

We’re having a yard sale tomorrow. This will be my first one ever. I hope to bring the money I make to Disney with me. Let’s pray it does not rain! It has been raining here a lot. But it’s not storms that come from somewhere, its storms that just appear. The storms are here long enough to flood the streets and then leave.

To graduate I need 9 credits on internship. I want to do one of these while working at my current job. I went to register for the “class” that is needed for the internship and the computer would not let me register because I did not have 110. I freaked out a little…ok a lot!! I am ok not getting credit for Disney College Program, but it would be really nice. I emailed the guy that is head of the program and he told me to “chill” he can override it in the system. YAY! I am going to call him on my lunch break today to get everything fixed.

Last Friday I woke up at 3:30 am to head to Kansas City to pick up my brother from school. About the time I was out of St Louis, a cop was directing everyone off the interstate; there was an accident. I am horrible with directions and was completely lost in St Louis. I drove around for awhile and then pulled out my iPhone and found a detour, got gas and continued on my way. I heard on the radio that both sides of the interstate were closed about an hr later. It was about 4:30-5 am, everyone was heading to work. But I made it to KC in plenty of time to get my brother his clothing and attend graduation. We ate with his group and left to go home. It was a long day but fun.

I found out my jeep will only cost $300 to fix. :-D yay!! That is the only thing that is vital to be fixed. It’s the front ball barring. There still won’t be a radio or AC. The mechanic said it will get me there and back. He also said my tires will be alright.

The night before check-in my roomie Mandie and I are going to stay in Pop Century resort. Our other roomie is staying there with her mom. We’re probably going to caravan over to check-in together. I'm super excited!!

Ive been seeing updates on the FB page from people who have already started their program. I am super envious of you guys right now! Keep us posted how everything goes

Till next time...

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