Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hello all.
I, along with many other people, got the dreaded..."Will you move your arrival date email." My answer was of course not! Ive been waiting way to long, I'm not waiting another month. The hotel is booked, the "Disney box" is filling up fast with things Im bringing. There is no way I can wait any longer, I would go nuts!

Check-in is in 61 days, I meet my roommate in 60 days. Its nuts to think just the other day it seemed like I was looking at a 100+ days till the program starts.

The yard sale did not go well. :( When I went to take my signs down, only 4 were left out of 14. Someone took my sign down and put theirs up. I was very mad. So I still have lots of stuff to get rid of. I'm going to try again at the end of this month then everything left over will to go the second hand store or garbage.

My phone was stolen from work. :( I am now using my old blackberry. It is water damaged and likes to crash. lol. But hopefully soon I'll be getting the iPhone 4. :D The release date is June 24th. My contract is up in September but ATT said everyone can upgrade up to 6 months early. This makes me very happy.

So, I have a mouse now. Its a stuffed mouse. Because working for Disney is also known as "working for the mouse." Its from work and my boss said the mouse had to go on adventures. I agree. The mouse needs to have a name. Any suggestions? This mouse will be with me all through my Disney College Program adventures. My brother did this with his over-seas adventures. But he had a bear. The mouse is a lot cuter than the pic looks like. It reminds me of Ratatouille. Its really cute. The pics does not show it well, but its wearing a purple shirt.

Not much this time as I am heading out the door.
Till next time...

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