Friday, March 26, 2010


I lied to you guys. :( Please forgive me! Its been longer than a week from my last post. Better late than never...right? A lot has been going on, most importantly I've been working a ton! I'll have no problem with the long work weeks at Disney. Last night was a blast. My old roommate and I went to a St Louis Blues game. We went with her brother and some other friends. It was a great time. We had good seats, then someone she used to work with texed her that he was also at the game. He was three rows off the ice behind the net. AND there were open seats next to him!! So we went and sat with him. :-D The seats were probably $140+ seats. It was a superb time. And the Blues won, 3-1. Great night!

Good news! I have a roommate now! There is a good chance the apartment is full now. It appears that my roommate and I will get along fabulously. We haven't talked much, but I get the "good vibe". And she likes Precious Moments, that's a thousand points in my book. I cant wait till I get to meet my roommates in Florida. I am driving and she is flying, so I will have to bring more stuff. But that's fine! I'm going to start browsing Salvation Army for shorts and summer clothes. In the summer, I'm either at work or home. I don't go out much. Because of this, my wardrobe is jeans and T-shirts. I think I own one pair of shorts. Not even sure if they fit anymore. Im seriously thinking, instead of buying a twin comforter, just bringing my Queen comforter. It will be huge, but I'm sure that's OK, it gets the job done.
I'm getting the ball rolling with getting school credit for the Disney College Program. I have to talk to one more person to stay in "attending" status for financial aid. I have till the last day of classes to finalize everything. I'm not in too much of a hurry.
I know I'm going to miss the major holidays. That makes me sad. But Because this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I'm ok with it. The one holiday I am REALLY sad I am going to miss, is my goddaughters first birthday. :'-( Its in October. But I'll make it too all the other birthdays.

What is the one thing you HAVE to have at Disney? would turn around to go and get it.. It could be a picture or a thing or something else..

What about Christmas? Are you bringing Christmas stuff? How will you handle being away from your family?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview , ect..

I was reading other people blogs and I realized I never explained my interview or how I found out about the Disney College Program. So, Im going to do that for you today!
How I found out about the Disney College Program, is an interesting story. It begins on a stormy Friday night in June...Wait...Wrong story... This story actually takes place on a day in August. I transferred schools and went to the new school orientation. There was a table set up and it had Disney College Program pamphlets set on it. I love Disney! So of course I picked one up. Talked to my boss and told her that I wanted to do this program and I could not do it until next fall. Ever since then, I have looked up things about CP. It just made me ache for it even more. I already talked to both my bosses and told them what I was planning to do. They both told me that I had a job when I came back from Disney World. I got an email when the applications went online. I was sitting in my night class. The next few hours were miserable for me waiting to get home so I could apply. I had already went online (mostly to and got tips and advice. I watched the e-presentation and applied. The web interview made me more nervous than the actual interview. I was doing at of this at 11pm, I had to wait until the next day before I could call schedule my phone interview. I didn't sleep very well that night. hehe
My interview was January 26th at 4:15. My grandma decides to call me at 4:00. "grandma, I cant talk right now. The most important phone call of my life is about to happen. Call you later. :)" At 4:19 she calls me. I was prepared for most of the questions except the question "Do you think you are more independent or more team work oriented?" EEK!! That's an important question. I told her depending on the situation, I am both, and I went into more detail. I applied for Hospitality, Main Entrance Operations, Merchandise and Concierge. She asked me a lot of Hospitality and Main entrance operations questions. No Merchandise questions. I got my email exactly 3 weeks after my interview. I am Main Entrance Operations, Fall 2010. That was my second choice. My 1st choice would be to work at Wilderness Lodge. But Im happy with what I got. :D
I found a list of common interview questions and I studied them. I had my boyfriend "interview" me and he gave me tips on how to convey my message a little differently. I had these typed out and sitting in front of me during the interview. I also had key words that I would want to use sitting in front of me. Some of these were, "dependable, teamwork orientated, reliable" This helped a lot because I was nervous and sometimes my brain wouldn't work. There was a couple times she asked me something and I talked so fast and tripped over my words. I started the answers over and talked slower. I made sure she could hear my enthusiasm and my smile. I answered everything honestly, for example, I put Concierge as one of the options. I dont know much about this role and I told her this when she asked me what I thought this role entailed. She was happy to explain it to me.
Here is my job description, taken from the website.
Main Entrance Operations
Responsibilities may include:

* Working in one or more of the following areas:
o Parking
+ Staffing outdoor Toll Plaza areas
+ Operating a large motorized parking tram
+ Delivering narrations on a microphone
o Park Greeter
+ Greeting all Guests who enter the park and validating their tickets
+ Operating turnstile areas
o Ticket Operations
+ Selling various ticket media at our water parks, Downtown Disney®, or Disney's Wide World of Sports®
+ Using computerized ticketing systems
* Strong knowledge of Walt Disney World Resort ticket media
* Cash handling - both manual and using computerized registers
* Assisting with audience control, including during parades
* Cleaning main entrance areas
* Standing for extended periods, working outdoors

How did you find out about the Disney College Program? Are you happy with the role you received for Disney?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break

I woke up this morning at 6am to get ready for work. Wanna guess what I saw?...Come on..guess...ok, I'll tell you, it was the SUN!! I haven't seen it in a while. :-) It means spring is on its way. I am back to work today after having 2 full days off. I do not remember the last time I had 2 days off in a row with nothing to do. It was very nice. I got chores caught up and yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all day. My friend came and visited, I haven't seen her in a long time. Monday I went shopping with a gift card I got for my birthday and got some tops that will qualify for the "Disney Look" for traditions and classes. Because I had 2 days off, I watched a lot of youtube videos of Disney. I also compiled a few lists, I want to share with you guys.

List #1~~ Things to do BEFORE I leave for Florida.
-Finish this semester--duh
-Find homes or babysitters for my pets
-Have car fixed, or buy a new one, whichever way is the cheapest
-Have a yard sale to rid my house of clutter and make money for Disney :)

List #2~~ Things to do while IN Florida
-Ride every ride possible in Disney
-See every parade and fireworks show possible. I heard if you time it right on certain nights you can make it to every park and see all the firework shows.
-Get LOTS of smashed pennies.
-Try to get all the characters autographs. Childish, but it will be fun.
-Go to Universal at least once
-Go to the beach at least once
-Try not to eat in the parks more than once a week.
-Visit the resorts and Disney hotels to see what they look like on the inside.

List #3~~ Things to BUY to make life easier in Florida
-Small camera to fit in my purse
-Purex 3-in-1 Laundry sheets. They are a must for anyone who has to lug laundry anywhere.
-A smashed penny book
-Stamps, so I can write to my friends and family at home. Everyone loves getting mail from Disney.
-I might buy bed risers. I don't think I am going to have that much stuff with me, and I hate crawling under the bed to get stuff out.

If anyone has suggestions to add to these lists, let me know!
And I was wondering if I should have a "going-away" party? This will be the longest Ive ever been gone from home. But I'll only be gone 6 months. I dont want to appear selfish. Any ideas?
Till next time!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm going to try to write an entry at least once a week. Not too sure if it will be more or less. Only time will tell. Lol
I'm really bummed I didn't get my first job choice. The more I think about it, the happier I am that I got the job I did. I wanted to work in one of the hotels or resorts. But a big negative with working hotels is if something is wrong with the room; its the person at the desk that gets the heat for it from the guest. But working with main entrance operations, the guest just got to WDW and hasn't had a time to get cranky yet. They and their kids are thinking..."IM GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!! WHOOO."
So I’ve decided where I want to live. I would love to live in a 3 bedroom Chatham or a 3 bedroom Vista. I want to find my roommates before I head down, but its not too necessary. It would be convenient to know what everyone is bringing. So if any ladies read this and would like to room with me....let me know. :-D Ive found this map, Its really cool. I got it off another website. I thought it is very helpful!!