Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, this doesn't have much to do about Disney. I am still waiting for August. There was an inter-office email sent out congratulating me about the Disney College Program. It made me feel really good. :-D
Anyways...I'm waiting for 2:00 so I can start getting ready for work. But in the meanwhile, I'm sitting in bed and I keep hearing something....this "something" is a few VERY annoying squirrels. I went outside and looked, they have made a hole in my soffet. Maybe this is where the mice are coming from. This year has been the worst for mice, I have seen 2. These squirrels are talking to each other, I can hear them chewing on something.. :-( . I have mouse poison in the attic, I hope they eat some! I'm going insane knowing I have creatures in my wall.
Another annoying this is my neighbor. I am not going to miss them when I move to Florida. Last night they had a party. There were drunk people walking on my street all night ticking off my dogs.
I AM going to miss my jobs when I go to WDW. Although im sure I'll love my new job. I've been at the same 2 jobs for 5 years. I love both my jobs. :) I need to start cleaning out the basement before I go, and make a box of things I am taking with me. A few things I know I am taking already is, A rubber duck shower curtain, Shelving, my pan I got for Christmas, my Pyrex baking dish (Its purple) and my spider plant I've had for years. I wish I could take my cat, dog and boyfriend. But im sure that housing would have something to say about that. Well, Its about time for work. If anyone knows how to get these darn squirrels out of my attic...let me know..they are driving me INSANE!!!

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