Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview , ect..

I was reading other people blogs and I realized I never explained my interview or how I found out about the Disney College Program. So, Im going to do that for you today!
How I found out about the Disney College Program, is an interesting story. It begins on a stormy Friday night in June...Wait...Wrong story... This story actually takes place on a day in August. I transferred schools and went to the new school orientation. There was a table set up and it had Disney College Program pamphlets set on it. I love Disney! So of course I picked one up. Talked to my boss and told her that I wanted to do this program and I could not do it until next fall. Ever since then, I have looked up things about CP. It just made me ache for it even more. I already talked to both my bosses and told them what I was planning to do. They both told me that I had a job when I came back from Disney World. I got an email when the applications went online. I was sitting in my night class. The next few hours were miserable for me waiting to get home so I could apply. I had already went online (mostly to and got tips and advice. I watched the e-presentation and applied. The web interview made me more nervous than the actual interview. I was doing at of this at 11pm, I had to wait until the next day before I could call schedule my phone interview. I didn't sleep very well that night. hehe
My interview was January 26th at 4:15. My grandma decides to call me at 4:00. "grandma, I cant talk right now. The most important phone call of my life is about to happen. Call you later. :)" At 4:19 she calls me. I was prepared for most of the questions except the question "Do you think you are more independent or more team work oriented?" EEK!! That's an important question. I told her depending on the situation, I am both, and I went into more detail. I applied for Hospitality, Main Entrance Operations, Merchandise and Concierge. She asked me a lot of Hospitality and Main entrance operations questions. No Merchandise questions. I got my email exactly 3 weeks after my interview. I am Main Entrance Operations, Fall 2010. That was my second choice. My 1st choice would be to work at Wilderness Lodge. But Im happy with what I got. :D
I found a list of common interview questions and I studied them. I had my boyfriend "interview" me and he gave me tips on how to convey my message a little differently. I had these typed out and sitting in front of me during the interview. I also had key words that I would want to use sitting in front of me. Some of these were, "dependable, teamwork orientated, reliable" This helped a lot because I was nervous and sometimes my brain wouldn't work. There was a couple times she asked me something and I talked so fast and tripped over my words. I started the answers over and talked slower. I made sure she could hear my enthusiasm and my smile. I answered everything honestly, for example, I put Concierge as one of the options. I dont know much about this role and I told her this when she asked me what I thought this role entailed. She was happy to explain it to me.
Here is my job description, taken from the website.
Main Entrance Operations
Responsibilities may include:

* Working in one or more of the following areas:
o Parking
+ Staffing outdoor Toll Plaza areas
+ Operating a large motorized parking tram
+ Delivering narrations on a microphone
o Park Greeter
+ Greeting all Guests who enter the park and validating their tickets
+ Operating turnstile areas
o Ticket Operations
+ Selling various ticket media at our water parks, Downtown Disney®, or Disney's Wide World of Sports®
+ Using computerized ticketing systems
* Strong knowledge of Walt Disney World Resort ticket media
* Cash handling - both manual and using computerized registers
* Assisting with audience control, including during parades
* Cleaning main entrance areas
* Standing for extended periods, working outdoors

How did you find out about the Disney College Program? Are you happy with the role you received for Disney?

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  1. I'm very happy with it, and extremely nervous about it! I'm scared to operate rides carrying hundreds of people! EEEK! I hope I get something that isn't TOO dangerous. lol