Friday, March 26, 2010


I lied to you guys. :( Please forgive me! Its been longer than a week from my last post. Better late than never...right? A lot has been going on, most importantly I've been working a ton! I'll have no problem with the long work weeks at Disney. Last night was a blast. My old roommate and I went to a St Louis Blues game. We went with her brother and some other friends. It was a great time. We had good seats, then someone she used to work with texed her that he was also at the game. He was three rows off the ice behind the net. AND there were open seats next to him!! So we went and sat with him. :-D The seats were probably $140+ seats. It was a superb time. And the Blues won, 3-1. Great night!

Good news! I have a roommate now! There is a good chance the apartment is full now. It appears that my roommate and I will get along fabulously. We haven't talked much, but I get the "good vibe". And she likes Precious Moments, that's a thousand points in my book. I cant wait till I get to meet my roommates in Florida. I am driving and she is flying, so I will have to bring more stuff. But that's fine! I'm going to start browsing Salvation Army for shorts and summer clothes. In the summer, I'm either at work or home. I don't go out much. Because of this, my wardrobe is jeans and T-shirts. I think I own one pair of shorts. Not even sure if they fit anymore. Im seriously thinking, instead of buying a twin comforter, just bringing my Queen comforter. It will be huge, but I'm sure that's OK, it gets the job done.
I'm getting the ball rolling with getting school credit for the Disney College Program. I have to talk to one more person to stay in "attending" status for financial aid. I have till the last day of classes to finalize everything. I'm not in too much of a hurry.
I know I'm going to miss the major holidays. That makes me sad. But Because this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I'm ok with it. The one holiday I am REALLY sad I am going to miss, is my goddaughters first birthday. :'-( Its in October. But I'll make it too all the other birthdays.

What is the one thing you HAVE to have at Disney? would turn around to go and get it.. It could be a picture or a thing or something else..

What about Christmas? Are you bringing Christmas stuff? How will you handle being away from your family?


  1. I've been thinking already about what I will do about Christmas as far as my family goes. I have some gift ideas in mind to go ahead and set aside for them before I leave, so I won't have to pay the shipping charges later. And I know I'll find some stuff in WDW to send them! But I'm not sure how I'll handle being apart from them. To be honest, I'll probably handle it better than they will because I expect to be super-busy. But I'll still miss them a bunch. :(

    Maybe I'll bring my favorite Christmas stocking to keep in the apartment?

  2. I already answered one of these when I was talking to you earlier today! But i would turn back for my baby stuffed Mickey Mouse! I got it when I was 3 from my dad and I think it really started my love of Disney!

    For Christmas I am probably going to get a small tree or something for our room. And then get some ornaments just to make it seem more like Christmas. Also within a few days of Christmas my family wants to skype opening some presents, then when I get home we will open the rest! I know I am going to miss them but I will probably be so busy that I don't think I will notice as much.